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Monitoring your RAID array and hard disk health status using SMART should be priority No.1 on any system. Early warnings and preventative¬†maintenance¬†will save you time, money and huge headaches in the long run. It’s always a good practice to order your hard drives at different times or from multiple vendors in order to eliminate the …
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Unlike ESXi, Xenserver doesn’t really have much health monitoring built in (especially not the free license versions). Xenserver has always been the light weight, thin, streamlined and better performing virtualization product; though as time progresses Citrix is slowly adding more features and modifying their licensing structure to be more¬†competitive. But fore now we’ll handle our …
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Enable email on Xenserver using SMTP

July 8th, 2011 | Posted by techblog in Linux | Virtualization - (0 Comments)

Before we get into a few other articles which will help monitor both your RAID array and S.M.A.R.T disk status under Xenserver, we’ll first need to enable the ability to send emails from our hypervisor. This is going to be done by forwarding email through our actual mail server instead of using Xenserver itself. Assuming …
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As a system administrator, one of the most useful tools you can use is the Linux ‘screen’ command. This allows multiple virtual terminals to be accessed from one physical terminal (typically via remote SSH). Whether you call it tabs, screens, or windows – this is a must have tool. Even if you don’t need multiple …
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How To Install Zend ionCube Loader for PHP in Linux

June 20th, 2011 | Posted by techblog in Linux - (2 Comments)

The Zend ionCube Loader is basically used to “decrypt” (or better, de-ionCube) PHP scripts and files that were originally encoded with separate encoding software – as means of either copy protection (primarily) or the inability to browse the source code for back doors and security flaws. It’s by no means a secure method in protecting …
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